These Eight New Technologies Were Unveiled At The 2020 New Product Launch Conference Of Runbang Co., Ltd.

At the new product launch conference of Runbang Co., Ltd. held on December 10, GENMA demonstrated 8 new technologies successfully developed this year. These technologies are mainly used in material handling equipment, which perfectly interprets GENMA's characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence.

1. Energy management technology
This technology uses the engine power balance and hydraulic energy management system to manage, store and utilize the peak and valley energy of the product in different working conditions during the operation process, which can not only effectively reduce the installed power, but also improve the operation efficiency.
For electric drive models, the use of energy management technology can effectively suppress the impact of the harmonics generated by the drive on the power grid, improve the power factor, approaching 1, and the braking energy can be fed back to the power grid and fully utilized.

At present, this technology has begun to be applied to GENMA mobile port cranes and portal cranes.

2. Dust control technology
This technology is mainly used for dust suppression during bulk material unloading and ship unloading operations, and effectively reduces dust pollution in ports, yards and other places.
GENMA product research and development personnel have developed a new type of dual-spool dust suppression hopper, which enables the equipment to automatically adapt to the incoming material flow during operation, effectively forming a material column, and perfectly solving the pain point of dust overflow.
In the hopper operating conditions, GENMA reasonably optimized the high-pressure spray system and dry mist dust suppression system according to the operating characteristics. Through the ingenious arrangement of spray points and multi-mode operating condition control, the reduction was achieved on the basis of maximum dust suppression control. The energy consumption of the dust suppression system is reduced.

3. Wear-resistant application technology
According to the characteristics of bulk material conveying, combined with advanced simulation technology, GENMA accurately simulates the flow direction, speed, and impact value of the material. Through the selection of different wear-resistant materials, the targeted design realizes the controllable life of the key wear-resistant parts. , Which greatly improves the service life of the equipment and reduces the maintenance rate.
At present, this technology has been applied to the design and development of all GENMA bulk material conveying equipment.
4. Adaptive control technology of the nozzle
Generally, the suction of the negative pressure pneumatic conveying of the pneumatic ship unloader is easy to cause unstable operation due to the uncontrollable state of the suction nozzle. GENMA R&D personnel read the current of the drive motor and feed it back to the control to adjust the reclaiming depth and air supply in time. , The fan can always be in a high-efficiency and stable operation state.
At the same time, the technology can reduce downtime and other failures caused by man-made factors by automatically adjusting the air outlet, improve the stability of the operation, improve the operation efficiency, and reduce the energy consumption of the operation.

5. One-click collection technology
Through an excellent ergonomics system, this technology can realize the vertical hydraulic cylinder of the machine outriggers to rise and the horizontal hydraulic cylinder of the outriggers to retract with one button, which automatically transforms the mobile crane MHC from a running state to a stopped state, which increases the safety of equipment operation and reduces The labor intensity of the personnel is improved.

At present, this technology has been fully applied to GENMA Mobile Port Crane (MHC), effectively improving the automation level of the equipment.

6. Intelligent lubrication technology
This technology uses PLC to control the intelligent oil separator to supply oil regularly and quantitatively in different motion frequency areas, control the oil output of the oil separator, and can also monitor the status of each lubrication point in the process, reducing the intensity of manual maintenance and product maintenance costs. Extend the service life of the machine.
At present, this technology can be applied to various port machinery, portal cranes, gantry cranes and other equipment according to customer needs.

7. RCMS technology
This technology uses the industrial Internet of Things to realize remote connection of equipment through wired or wireless networks, and real-time understanding of machine operating status, work efficiency, energy consumption and maintenance information.
At the same time, the technology can also browse field equipment through remote Web, and query information such as metering, efficiency, failure, and maintenance cycle. Commissioning and maintenance personnel connect to PLC and HMI remotely to perform uploading and downloading programs and online fault diagnosis to reduce downtime and maintenance time. And lay a good technical foundation for future remote control.
This technology has been applied to port cranes MHC, portal cranes, gantry cranes, offshore cranes, pneumatic ship unloaders, grab ship unloaders, and ship loader products.
8. Intelligent monitoring technology
This technology uses sensor technology and intelligent analysis software to form an equipment status monitoring system, which effectively monitors machine vibration, bearing damage, gearbox wear, motor bolt looseness, stator failure and other information, and analyzes early diagnosis and warning of mechanical damage through trend curves.
After the application of intelligent monitoring technology, it can immediately monitor the operating status of key parts of the equipment, perform preventive maintenance and repair, find and repair early, extend the service life of the equipment, reduce downtime, and improve the stability and reliability of this type of product.

Director Cui also stated at the new product launch conference that GENMA will continue to carry out standardized design of products in the future, increase product R&D efforts in energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection, so that the industrial design of each product can meet customer requirements. Continuously provide customers with professional ports, storage yards, and intelligent solutions.

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