Balikpapan Coal Terminal (BCT) is one of the largest coal terminals in Indonesia, located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. BCT is managed by PT Dermaga Perkasa Pratama, a subsidiary of PT Bayan Resources Tbk, and is equipped with ship loading and unloading berths. BCT has a handling capacity of 15 million tons per year and 16 warehouses with an inventory of about 1 million tons and is able to easily service Panamax and Capesize vessels. BCT also has a 4,000 t/h ship loader capable of loading Panamax cargo in one day. In addition to this, BCT also has a 5,000 t/h unloading facility that can unload coal from 2 barges simultaneously. Despite this, the existing ship loader of BCT still cannot meet the operational requirements, and additional ship loading equipment still needs to be purchased.

Genma Solution

Genma has designed the following solutions based on the customer's operational requirements, and added environmental protection performance features. The main parameters of the equipment are as follows:
Working material: coal
Loading efficiency: 4000 tons/hour
Weight: 270 tons

Applicable ship type: 15000dwt-120000dwt

In addition to high efficiency and stable operation, the Genma technical team has more consideration for the environmental protection needs of customers in the design.
Electric drive instead of diesel drive
Compared with diesel drive, it has zero emission pollution and protects the terminal environment.
Light weight, low dock infrastructure requirements, saving more infrastructure investment
The 4000 t/h Genma environmental protection ship loader has a dead weight of only 270 tons, so there is no need to invest more in terminal infrastructure, helping customers save investment, and an economical and environmentally friendly purchase option.
Recycled water utilization, saving water resources
This Genma ship loader is equipped with an air conditioning condensate collector. The collected condensate can replace the ground water system for equipment cleaning.

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