Landao Offshore Engineering is an enterprise specializing in the construction of offshore wind power foundation and marine engineering equipment. Now it has the most complete private offshore wind power foundation and offshore engineering equipment construction base (Nantong Landao Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.), which can independently complete self-lifting. Design work for type platforms, platform supply ships, and offshore wind power equipment. The performance projects include offshore wind power jackets, steel pipe piles, towers, semi-submersible platforms, jack-up platforms, offshore engineering modules and other high-end offshore equipment, and has accumulated rich experience in offshore engineering project procurement, construction and project management.

Genma Solution

Genma delivered 1 ME330 (2*150+165/30)-106 to Blue Island Offshore Engineering. This machine has a maximum lifting weight of 330 tons and a maximum span of 106 meters.

At present, the delivered machine is running well at the customer's place and has been well received by the customer.

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