Hand In Hand, Runbang Shares And Nantong Zhiyun Signed A Cooperation Agreement

On the afternoon of April 13, Runbang shares and Nantong Zhiyun Football Club signed a GENMA brand promotion cooperation agreement at the Rugao Olympic Sports Center. In the new season, the players of Nantong Zhiyun Football Club will compete in the Chinese League with a new jersey with the word "GENMA" printed on the back.

GENMA is a high-end industrial brand built by Runbang in recent years with its strong technical strength. Its main products include all kinds of bridge cranes, portal cranes, offshore cranes, self-lifting systems, grabbers, and various port loading and unloading And transportation equipment, suitable for various industries such as docks, shipyards, steel mills, power plants, offshore wind power, etc.

GENMA products are favored by customers for their seven characteristics: "stability", "reliability", "energy saving", "excellent industrial design", "intelligence", "environmentally friendly", and "standardization". Established a good reputation in the global market.

Nantong Zhiyun Football Club was established in 2016. There are currently 16 officially authorized fan clubs, more than 20,000 fan members, and a fan community of nearly 1.5 million. In 2018, Nantong Zhiyun eliminated the defending champion Super League team Shanghai Shenhua in the FA Cup, making history. In the same year, Nantong Zhiyun succeeded.

The cooperation with Nantong Zhiyun Football Club this time is a major measure for GENMA to deepen the local market, and it is also a need for GENMA to enhance its brand influence with the help of the Chinese League. GENMA will take this opportunity to continuously innovate product technology, continuously improve product quality, and further provide customers with more high-quality and efficient services.

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