A few days ago, two GENMA four-link portal cranes built by Runbang Heavy Machinery for Shanghai Shenjia Shipyard were shipped smoothly. "These two machines have carried out structural innovations in the form of connecting rods. Compared with general door base machines, the whole machine is lighter in weight, more scientific in force, and can withstand strong typhoons of level 16 in coastal areas." GENMA door base machine designers introduced "In the early stage, we formulated a suitable design plan based on the actual situation of the customer. During the implementation of the project, we continued to improve and perfect the product plan through communication. For example, through the application of GENMA luffing control technology to ensure the crane hook Stable displacement; through a full frequency conversion design and a silent design, a green operating environment is created for customers." The door base machine shipped this time is based on the customer’s wharf operation layout. The equipment can not only walk on a straight track, but also on a small radius arc Walking on the track improves the efficiency of the equipment and meets the individual needs of customers. GENMA is a material handling solution brand under Runbang Heavy Machinery. At present, it has provided dozens of four-link portal cranes for many shipyards and terminals at home and abroad. GENMA's various door and landline machines continue to create value for customers with the characteristics of stability, reliability, intelligence and efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction, and have won unanimous praise from customers.
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