Recently, a fixed single-boom crane built by Runbang Heavy Machinery for Huarui Wind Power Technology (Jiangsu) Lingang Co., Ltd. has successfully completed the delivery of the machine after the unity of the project team.

The fixed single-boom crane delivered this time is manufactured with domestic advanced technology and has the characteristics of reasonable structure layout, flexible and accurate mechanism action, safe and reliable use, and convenient maintenance. The crane is equipped with hook and grab dual-purpose type, which can not only load and unload bulk materials but also lift special-shaped goods, which has won praise from customers.

This project is the first cooperation between Runbang Heavy Machinery and Sinovel Wind Power. Starting from the signing of the construction contract, the project team meticulously compiles the project plan to ensure the production schedule node, overcome technical and construction difficulties, and successfully complete the delivery task on schedule to achieve perfect performance.

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