Successful shipment of GENMA ®MHC designed and built by RHM for Indian customer

Recently, a GENMA® 105-ton mobile harbor crane (MHC) which designed and built by RHM for Indian customer was successfully shipped.

MHC is one of the characteristic products of GENMA®, which combines safety, stability, Sefficiency, and intelligence. To meet the needs of customers for loading and unloading containers, bulk cargo, general cargo, etc, MHC shipped this time was customized according to the customer's working conditions and equipped with various types of lifting devices such as hooks, grabs, and container spreader, which can fully enhance the practicality of the MHC.

As the first MHC brand in Asia, GENMA® has rich experience in MHC design and fabrication after years of technological accumulation and iteration; we independently developed the following results: intelligent path planning system, intelligent anti-roll system, intelligent hydraulic energy management, and intelligent multi-machine anti-collision warning system, etc. By using these intelligent technologies, we can effectively improve the stability, environmental protection and safety of the equipment; provide customers professional lifting and bulk material treatment solutions.

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