Recently, RHM successively won orders for one GENMA 900 ton gantry crane and one GENMA 1000 ton gantry crane from a well-known domestic marine module enterprise and shipbuilding enterprise. The equipment will be applied in various fields such as offshore module hoisting, shipbuilding and installation.

The GENMA large gantry crane awarded this bid has a span of 200 meters and 202 meters, respectively. It belongs to the category of double main beams, large tonnage, and large-span gantry crane equipment, and is in a leading position among similar equipment in China. The crane is equipped with double trolley and three main hook lifting devices, which have multiple lifting combinations such as single hook lifting, double hook lifting, and three hook lifting. It can be used for lifting operations under various working conditions such as module section docking and aerial flipping. In terms of core drive, the equipment adopts a full frequency conversion speed regulation+PLC control system, and is equipped with multiple sets of correction devices to ensure the accuracy and safety of equipment operation.

It is worth mentioning that GENMA large gantry cranes have applied energy feedback technology in the power system layout, which can convert the gravitational potential energy generated during equipment operation into electrical energy for recycling. Under the same power and lifting capacity standards, the energy-saving effect of the entire machine can reach over 30%, with advantages such as low consumption and environmental protection.

The consecutive winning of GENMA large gantry crane marks the re-recognition of GENMA lifting solution by customers. RHM will take this bid as an opportunity to continuously improve the brand's technical level and service capabilities, provide efficient, intelligent, and environmentally friendly crane equipment, and continuously create value for industry customers.

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