Rainbow Heavy Machineries won an order from a shipbuilding company for a GENMA 100-ton marine crane

Recently, Rainbow Heavy Machineries signed an order contract for a GENMA 100-ton offshore transfer crane with a shipbuilding company. As supporting equipment for barge ships, the ordered products will be used for sea loading and unloading operations of bulk materials and general cargo.

The equipment adopts an intelligent control system and is equipped with two working conditions of grab bucket and hook, which can realize automatic control under various working conditions. The whole machine has the characteristics of low center of gravity, light weight, high operating efficiency, strong wind resistance, and convenient operation. It is an ideal loading and unloading equipment in the offshore field.

GENMA, the independent brand of Rainbow Heavy Machineries, focuses on providing customers with customized products and supporting services such as ship and ocean engineering lifting equipment, bulk material handling and conveying equipment, shipyard and yard factory lifting equipment, and has a strong reputation in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing. Rich experience in design and construction. GENMA adheres to the principle of high-quality delivery for customers in every order, aiming to create greater value for customers.

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