Professional Value Creation | GENMA Ship-Loader Assists Sand & gravel Bulk Material Loading and Unloading

Recently, RHM received a letter of praise from a customer in Taizhou. In the letter, the client company praised the GENMA project team for adhering to the customer-oriented service philosophy, overcoming difficulties, and completing project delivery with quality and quantity during the project promotion process.
In this project, RHM provided the customer with a complete set of sand and gravel handling, conveying, and loading solutions, including 2 GENMA mobile ship-loaders, 1 GENMA gantry crane, and 1 GENMA belt conveyor .

Among them, a single GENMA loader has a rated operating efficiency of up to 3000 tons/hour, suitable for loading DWT 5000~10000 bulk carriers. During the work process, the tail truck of the equipment is connected to the rear belt conveyor system. The sand and gravel bulk materials in the yard can be continuously transported through the belt conveyor, the tail truck of the loading machine, the relay belt conveyor, the boom belt conveyor, and the telescopic chute, finally loaded into the cargo,which means completing the entire loading operation process.

To ensure the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the entire loading process, GENMA ship-loaders are carefully designed in terms of product structure and functionality to improve the loading efficiency and provide professional solutions for on-site environmental protection operations.
Flexible structure design ensures efficient operation
l In terms of external structure, GENMA ship-loaders are equipped with functions such as gantry travel, boom rotation, cantilever pitch, and extension, enabling them to adapt to a variety of loading and unloading scenarios and requirements. The integration of these flexible functions enables the ship-loader to move freely within the working area, adjust the position and angle of various working components flexibly, cover a wider loading range, and improve the efficiency of loading operations.

In addition, in practice, to meet the needs of ships with large differences in depth and cabin height, as well as the loading of bulk materials under different tides, and to improve the efficiency of loading operations, the GENMA ship loader adopts a multi section sleeve form for the telescopic chute, and the telescopic distance of the chute can reach 12 meters. The chute can be adjusted for expansion and contraction according to different water levels and tank filling levels, in order to load the ship more accurately and efficiently.

The chute is an important feeding device for ship-loaders. In order to protect the chute and maintain production stability, the GENMA ship-loader is equipped with a recoverable anti-collision device on the outside of the chute. Its unique design can flexibly restore the chute to its original state after collision, ensuring the durability and stability of the device during long-term use. At the same time, the anti-collision device also adopts a sensing system, which can timely provide feedback to the driver about the surrounding environment of the chute. During loading operations, it plays an important protective role in the chute, thereby ensuring the smooth progress of the operation process.

Multiple dust suppression designs to ensure environmental protection
In order to improve the environmental friendliness of on-site operations, GENMA attaches great importance to dust control at all stages of the bulk loading process.
The GENMA ship-loader is equipped with multiple dust removal points at multiple connection points of the tail car, relay belt conveyor, and boom belt conveyor, as well as at the equipment chute, telescopic arm frame, and fixed arm frame. Dust is controlled by multiple dust suppression designs . At the same time, a sealing device is designed and installed at the joint of the telescopic chute section, which can effectively prevent dust leakage, improve the environmental protection of the operation, and improve the quality of bulk material loading.
GENMA has good flexibility, strong adaptability, and can suppress dust, making it a preferred solution for efficient and environmentally friendly transportation of bulk materials.
Against the backdrop of global green and low-carbon development and transformation, RHM will continue to pay attention to market demands such as efficient production and environmental protection. With customized solutions, it will inject more vitality into the field of bulk material transportation and provide customers with better quality services.

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