Cigading port in Indonesia, part of KrakatauSteel Group, is a small seaport. At present, the port has 6 unloading equipment, of which 4 are 700TPH and 2 are 1500TPH.
In addition, a 30-ton multi-purpose crane, two 20-ton four-link gantry cranes and two 100-ton port cranes also serve in the port.
The bidding equipment for this project is mainly used for the unloading of gypsum powder and cement clinker in the port.
working environment
➢ Temperature: 20℃ ~ 40℃
➢ Wind speed: 20m/s during operation / 42m/s during non-operation
➢ Relative humidity: 100%

➢ Height restrictions: none

Genma Solution
Genma delivered a GGU1000 grab ship unloader to the Indonesian port of Chigedin. The key parameters of this equipment are as follows:
Efficiency: 1000 tons/hour
Lifting capacity: 25t
Total lifting height: 34m
Reach: 27m
Rear reach: 10m
Gauge: 12.5m

At present, the Genma GGU1000 is running well in the port of Zigedin. It mainly reflects the following advantages:
environmental Protection
When gypsum powder and cement clinker are unloaded, serious dust pollution will be caused. This grab ship unloader uses a dust curtain with independent intellectual property rights on the hopper, and is equipped with an efficient dust removal system to solve the problem of dust pollution.
protect cargo
When working in rainy days, the backflow of rainwater will damage the goods. The grab ship unloader is equipped with an electro-hydraulic rain cover, which can effectively protect the cargo.
Optimize the structure

➢ Lightweight Structural Design
➢ Adjustable veneer pull rod and eccentricity, more balanced force on pull rod
➢ Low stress design at hinge points
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