Maracaibo port is located on the west bank of Lake Maracaibo, on the northwest coast of Venezuela. It is on the southwest side of the Gulf of Venezuela and is the main oil port in Venezuela. Founded in 1571, it was originally a coffee export port. Later, due to the discovery of rich oil fields in the Maracaibo region in 1918, it quickly developed into a famous oil city. There are 15 main berths in the port area, with a coastline of 2035m and a maximum water depth of 10m.
South American countries have high-degree automation requirements for machinery equipment. The Genma GPU pneumatic ship unloader (grain elevator) can precisely meet this demand and can achieve environmentally-friendly handling without dust pollution and low noise. The delivered GPU400 pneumatic ship unloader (grain elevator), with capacity of 400TPH is a tyre-type structure, which is mainly used to handle grain at the port.

The equipment provided by Genma is equipped with multi-stage turbo blower. It is a new type of highly efficient and environmentally friendly pneumatic ship unloader (grain elevator). Compared to the traditional machines equipped with Roots blowers, the Genma GPU series pneumatic ship unloader is quieter, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient.

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