Off to a flying start! RHM has successively obtained orders for 5 GENMA mobile port cranes (MHC) from overseas customers

At the beginning of the new year, good news comes frequently. Recently, RHM has received orders for 5 GENMA mobile Harbor cranes (MHC) from overseas customers in India, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and other countries. These cranes will play a positive role at the customer's port and be professionally applied in operational scenarios such as bulk materials, general cargo, and container loading and unloading.

GENMA MHC has powerful functions and can be flexibly equipped with various lifting and grabbing devices, while meeting the loading and unloading needs of various goods such as containers, LNG tanks, general cargo, and bulk materials. It is worth mentioning that the GENMA MHC  provided by RHM to Guatemalan customers this time will be equipped with double container lifting equipment, which can simultaneously lift two 20 foot standard containers, greatly improving the efficiency of container loading and unloading operations at the customer's terminal.
At the same time, in order to meet the personalized needs of customers, RHM will also equip advanced energy-saving power systems such as electric drive and energy feedback for products ordered by Indian and Nicaraguan customers, as well as intelligent functions such as intelligent mining, intelligent anti-roll, and MHC multi machine intelligent reliable collision warning, to improve the energy-saving and environmental protection performance, operational efficiency, and safety of the crane.

As the first mobile Harbor crane (MHC) brand in Asia, GENMA has received unanimous praise for its MHC provided to global customers in recent years. In 2019, Mr. Naib Buclay, then President of El Salvador, personally boarded GENMA MHC to gain a close-up understanding of the machine's operation and control process, and highly praised MHC's operational capabilities. This consecutive acquisition of 5 MHC orders further proves the customer's recognition of the GENMA brand. GENMA will continue to work hard to provide customers with higher quality products and services.

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