Ruitai Wharf is located in Rugao Port, Nantong City, an open port city of the country. The five major waterways that join the sea and reach the sea meet here. The traffic is convenient. The length of the wharf is 480 meters, forming a double dock and four berths. It has a 70,000-ton floating dock (15,000 tons of lift, 35 meters of internal width and 210 meters length) and an 80,000-ton floating dock (22,000 tons of lift, 45 meters wide, 240 meters long), equipped with first-class hardware facilities, 12 elevated trucks, 4 units dock cranes with 15t lifting capacity, 2 units gantry cranes and other equipment.

Genma delivered 1 unit GHC200 to Ruitai Port at Nov. 2016. This machine with Max. lifting capacity of 200t and Max. working radius of 50m. This is the largest lifting capacity mobile harbor crane manufactured by Genma.

The main handling cargo of Ruitai Port is rolled steel, steel plate and other project cargo. The machine run smoothly and can fully meet the clients’ requirements during the service period. At the same time, the rail-type design also takes full account of the operating conditions at the dock site. The wagons or trucks can pass under the track.
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