Runhe Port has a 5000 tons general berth with the length of 361m and wide of 40m, the approach bridge length is 285.6m and the wide is 32m, the design bottom elevation is 14.3m, and the uniform load of port and the approach bridge is 4T/m2, the design load is as twice as much as general cargo port. (The surface design load of general cargo port is 2T/m2, and the design load of Runhe Port is 4T/m2).According to the special status of Taicang Yangtze river coast, the elevation of back land is the same as the port surface, which will meet the shipment requirement of heavy and large cargos.

Genma delivered 2 units GHC60 to Runhe port at Jan. 2017. The 2 units machines are rail-type, with max. lifting capacity of 60t (corresponding radius is 20m) and max. radius of 40m, which are applicable to feeder vessel under 471-830TEU and handymax vessel under 50,000DWT.

The main cargos of Runhe Port are large pipe, steel components, port machinery equipment, large-scale chemical machinery equipment and other general cargos, GHC series can be widely used in container, bulk and project cargos. According to different working conditions, the spreader can be replaced quickly. At present, these 2 machines fully meet the on-site application requirements of the terminal.

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