Jiangsu Lande Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, mainly manufacturing marine vessels and related businesses.
Genma Solution

Genma delivered 1 offshore wind power self-lifting operation platform to Jiangsu Lande System Engineering Co., Ltd.
The full length of the platform: 120m; the profile length: 78m; the profile width: 38m; the profile depth: 6.8m. Other key parameters are as follows:
Lifting form: hydraulic latch
Number of legs: 4 sets/set
Pile leg length (including peg boots): 72 meters
Pile boot area: 8.7m x 8.7m (custom design available)
Platform lifting speed: 12m/h
Maximum lifting capacity: 2500 tons/pile leg
Rated lifting capacity: 1700 tons/pile leg

This platform is equipped with a piling-type full-turn main crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 600t and a maximum lifting height of 110m (above deck)/20m (below deck) on the port side of the bow of the platform, and an auxiliary crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 100t on the starboard side of the stern. .

This platform is mainly used for the construction of offshore wind farms, and the works mainly include base installation, tower, nacelle and blade hoisting. This platform meets the requirements for operations in offshore navigation areas and dispatching in unlimited navigation areas.
The design and manufacture of the self-lifting system is not only related to the efficiency, but also related to the safe and smooth operation of the ship. Both the independent performance and efficiency of the crane are required. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the cooperation with the ship and the safety and stability after the combination. It has high requirements on the technology, manufacturing strength and team of the enterprise. Genma's rich experience and expert team in the field of offshore cranes have made this product gradually recognized by customers and the industry.

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