GENMA 3,000 tons Offshore Crane to inject new impetus to the development of offshore wind power

Recently, the GENMA 3000 tons fully rotating offshore crane designed and built by RHM successfully completed heavy load testing and was delivered to the customer.

The GENMA offshore crane is installed on the self-propelled fully rotating crane vessel "Tianfeng 10" and is mainly used for lifting offshore wind power single pile foundations, conduit racks, platform modules, booster station components, and large offshore steel structures. In a fixed tail crane state, the maximum lifting capacity can reach 3000 tons, and the maximum lifting height can reach 110 meters. The crane has operational functions such as lifting, variable amplitude, and 360 ° continuous full rotation, which can fully meet the operational requirements of offshore wind power and other engineering construction in all aspects.

Light self-weight

In the product structure design stage, the GENMA product design team optimized the structure of the crane and conducted fine steel structure calculation verification, successfully reducing the overall weight of the GENMA offshore crane, achieving an increase in the ratio of the crane's self-weight to its maximum lifting capacity from 1:1.25 to 1:1, successfully filling the technical gap in this field in China and significantly narrowing the gap with international advanced levels. Due to the reduction of its own weight, the crane can more easily lift goods to further positions, improving the operational efficiency of GENMA offshore cranes.

Stable operation

It is worth mentioning that the GENMA offshore crane has adopted a high-power closed hydraulic drive system for the first time in a large-scale fully rotating floating crane project in China. This driving system has many advantages such as reliable driving mechanism, oil replenishment system, and stable oil replenishment pressure. It can greatly improve the work efficiency of the crane, reduce energy consumption, while ensuring stable power output. So it can complete various tasks quickly and efficiently

Precision control

In terms of electrical, GENMA 3000 tons fully rotating offshore crane adopts advanced PLC control system and stepless speed regulation function. The application of these technologies makes crane operation more stable, enabling high-precision and high reliability control tasks. At the same time, the crane can automatically adjust its speed according to the load situation, automatically adapting to the operating modes of no-load high speed and overload slow speed, thereby further improving the operational efficiency and safety of the crane. The application of these technologies has greatly improved the performance and intelligence level of the GENMA 3000 tons fully rotating offshore crane.

RHM, with its outstanding design and construction capabilities and technical strength, has successfully built the GENMA 3000 ton fully rotating offshore crane with multiple advantages, injecting new impetus into the further development of China's offshore wind power industry. In the future, RHM will continue to leverage its technological advantages and innovation capabilities, continuously providing high-quality product solutions and services to industry customers, and jointly promoting the development of the marine engineering industry.

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