Dry cargo International: Portable pneumatic unloader meets the demands of the developing grain industry

GENMA has a great deal of experience in the manufacture and delivery of pneumatic ship unloaders. The company’s GPU series, which has capacities ranging from 80tph (tonnes per hour) to 600tph (single pipe), equipped with multi-stage turbo blower, can save nearly 30% energy compared to unloaders using roots blowers. GENMA has delivered projects to grain and cement industries in different countries.
By visiting terminals, grain and logistics companies, GENMA has discovered that there is huge demand for small portable pneumatic unloaders, especially in the grain industry.
In China, due to the scattered production and trade in grain industry, grain materials have to go through a variety of transportation methods and logistics hubs before finally being delivered to shippers. These include, but are not limited to, short haul vehicle transport, grain depot, small and medium-sized terminals and specialized grain terminals. Therefore, in each process there’s urgent demand for portable pneumatic unloader.
GENMA developed a series of portable pneumatic unloaders, which can be widely used in bulk grain handling and transportation, and can also assist the clearance. These unloaders are usually customized and adapted to the client’s environment.
This series — the GENMA Bulk GPP series of portable pneumatic unloaders — offers capacities ranging from 15tph to 200tph. The series — as well as the pneumatic ship unloaders — are equipped with multistage turbo blower systems. The airflows can be auto-adjustable, which can effectively minimize the wearing on the pipe and material crushing rate.
Currently, there are two main ways for clearance in Chinese terminals. One is a very primitive method, to hire extra dustmen; the other is clearance with the assistance of skid-steer loaders.
The GPP series of unloaders can also contribute to clear-up inside the vessel holds. Because of the unit’s small size and flexibility, it can be transferred to any area where unloading, loading or transfer is needed — it is truly versatile.

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