Port of Cigading, belongs to Krakatau Steel Group, is a small-size seaport in Indonesia. 6 ship unloaders are used at the port, 4 of which with capacity of 700 TPH and 2 of which with capacity of 1500 TPH.
Besides, 1 unit of 30 tons multi-purpose crane, 2 units of 20 tons double level luffing cranes and 2 units of 100 tons portal harbor cranes are still in operation.
Client needs one equipment for gypsum and cement clinker unloading, to improve the current equipment fleet.
Work condition
➢Temperature: 20℃ ~ 40℃
➢Wind: 20m/s operation / 42m/s non-operation
➢Relative humidity: 100%
➢Height limitation: None.

Genma delivered 1 unit GGU1000 to the port of Cigading. The key parameters as follow:
Capacity: 1000TPH
Lifting capacity: 25t
Total lift: 34m
Outreach from seaside rail: 27m
Back reach from seaside rail: 10m
Rail span: 12.5m

The main advantages of the delivered GGU1000 as follow:
For gypsum and cement clinker unloading, the dust pollution is heavy. Anti-dust curtain is applied at hopper and efficient dedusting system is equipped to solve the dust pollution.
Protect your cargo
During rainy operation, the back flow of rain would damage cargos. Electro-hydraulic rain-proof cover is installed to protect cargos.
Optimized structure
➢Lightweight designed structure
➢Single-slab pull rod
➢Eccentric type fixed tie link
➢Energy-conservation mechanism

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