Runhe Wharf, located in Taicang Port Development Zone, connects Shanghai and the economic center of the Yangtze River Delta. Runhe Wharf has a general berth of 50,000 tons. The berth is 361m long and 40m wide. The approach bridge is 285.6m long and 32m wide. The designed water bottom elevation is -14.3m. Twice (the design load of the surface layer of the general general cargo wharf is 2 tons per square meter, and the design load of the Runhe wharf and the approach bridge is 4 tons per square meter).
According to the special conditions of the Yangtze River coastline of Taicang Port, the same elevation of the backyard land area and the wharf surface is designed, which can meet the requirements for the ro-ro shipment of heavy and extra-large items. The main types of cargo loaded and unloaded are large pipes, steel components, port machinery equipment, large chemical machinery and other general cargoes. It is the only heavy-duty terminal in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

Genma Solution
Genma delivered 2 sets of GHC60 to Runhe Wharf in January 2017. These 2 sets of equipment are rail type with a maximum lifting weight of 60 tons (with a lifting weight of 60 tons, the working radius is 20 meters), and the maximum working radius is 40 meters, suitable for container ships under 471-830TEU, bulk carriers under 50,000DWT.
At Runhe Wharf, the main cargo types for loading and unloading include large-scale pipes, steel components, port machinery equipment, large-scale chemical machinery and other general cargoes. GHC series can be widely used in various cargoes including containers, bulk cargoes and general cargoes. The spreader can be quickly replaced according to different working conditions. At present, these two devices fully meet the on-site application requirements of the terminal.

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