Ruitai Wharf is located in the national first-class open port city - Rugao Port, Nantong City, where five important waterways that enter the river and the sea meet, and the transportation is convenient. The wharf is 480 meters long, forming a scale of double docks and four berths. It has a 70,000-ton floating dock (with a lifting capacity of 15,000 tons, an inner width of 35 meters, and a length of 210 meters) and an 80,000-ton floating dock (with a lifting capacity of 22,000 tons). , inner width 45 meters, length 240 meters), equipped with first-class hardware facilities more than 20,000 square meters workshop, 12 elevated vehicles, 4 dock cranes of 15 tons, 2 door cranes 4070, and air compressors, electric welding machines, There are more than 200 sets of various equipments such as CO2 welding machines and lathes.

Genma Solution

In November 2016, Genma delivered 1 GHC200 to Ruitai Terminal. This equipment is rail type, the maximum lifting weight is 200 tons, and the maximum working radius is 50 meters. Up to now, this is an overhead crane (mobile harbour crane) with the largest lifting capacity produced by Genma.

The site of Ruitai Wharf is mainly steel, steel plate and other general goods. At present, during the service period of this equipment, the operation is stable and the performance is good, which can fully meet the operation needs of the terminal site. At the same time, the design of the track also fully considers the operation situation of the terminal site, and the trolley can pass under the track.

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