Recently, a GENMA ship-loader designed and built by RHM for an Indonesian customer has successfully set sail overseas. This equipment is designed for efficient transportation of palm shell and palm meal materials, with a rated operating efficiency of up to 1000 tons per hour.
To achieve smooth and efficient material transportation, GENMA has carefully designed multiple key components, including a double tail truck, a ship loader relay belt conveyor system, an arm conveyor system, a chute device, and a throwing device. Among them, the GENMA ship loader chute device adopts a multi section sleeve form, with a telescopic distance of up to 10 meters, which combines flexibility and adjustability, and can adapt to the efficient loading requirements of 8000DWT to 80000DWT bulk carriers  under different tides
It is worth mentioning that this ship loader is the third GENMA equipment provided by RHM to the Indonesian customer. In 2022, RHM handed over two GENMA port machines to the customer. After nearly two years of user experience, the customer was very satisfied with the quality of GENMA products and received professional and thoughtful service support from GENMA during use. It is precisely because of these advantages that customers have once again chosen GENMA products.

RHM will continue to adhere to the principle of customer first, provide higher quality after-sales service for delivered products, and repay customer recognition of the GENMA brand.

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