Recently, RHM won another 2500t offshore crane order from foreign clients . It is the second offshore encircling crane with telescopic function in the world. It deserves to mention that world’s the first offshore encircling crane with the function of telescopic boom is also manufacturing by RHM .The undertaking oforders fully demonstrates customer's reliance on RHM’s large offshore products

The crane’s lifting capacity is 2,500t with maximum lifting height of 1588 mabove deck and mainly appropriate to the installation of offshore wind farm equipments . The crane adopts truss telescopic boom, which solves the difficulties caused by large size storing due to the longboom and the high requirements for the vessel length. machine Crane equipped with AFE transmission system with advanced performance and higher control accuracy,lead to effectively suppress the impact of harmonics generated by the drive on the ship's power grid to ensure the normal operation of various electrical equipment on the ship.

With rich design, manufacturing and service experience in the field of offshore market, RHM has deliveried a number of mature and reliable offshore lifting solutions for the global shipping and offshore wind power markets, which have won high praise from customers.

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