Mobile Harbor Crane(MHC)
Applicable materials: general cargo (steel coils, wood, etc.), containers (20’, 40’, 45’), bulk cargo (coal, ore, fertilizer, etc.)
Applicable ship types: various ship types from barges to super Panama ships.
Work efficiency: up to 1500t/h
Product advantages: suitable for various working conditions of hooks, container spreaders, and grabbing conditions; diverse chassis walking forms, convenient and flexible, and convenient to transfer; the lifting performance is optional from 50t to 310t.

Maximum lifting weight


Maximum amplitude


Lifting height


Applicable materials

  • Wheat, soybeans, corn, rice, etc.
  • Cement, chemical fertilizer, aluminum powder, soda ash, etc.
  • Coal, yellow sand, ore, aggregate, etc.
  • Containers, LNG tanks, etc.(MHC)
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