Recently, RHM successfully won the 700-ton and 350-ton gantry crane orders from CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
These two gantry cranes are the products of Genma brand of RHM.GENMA brand gantry crane machine adopts full frequency conversion speed regulation +PLC control, equipped with multiple sets of rectifying devices, at the same time has enough strength, stiffness, stability and anti-overturning, in extreme weather institutions can also run safely and smoothly.
As a mature and reliable material handling solutions brand, GENMA has more than 10 years of experience in crane equipment design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.At present, GENMA has provided dozens of large tonnage gantry cranes for the global market. With advanced design concept, European standard manufacturing capacity and wholehearted service attitude, GENMA has won the praise and trust of many customers in the global market.
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