Recently, The GENMA 600-ton full rotary Marine crane designed and built by NANTONG RAINBOW HEAVY MACHINERIES CO.,LTD. for United Offshore Energy Technology Ltd was successfully delivered.  The offshore crane was installed on the "Desheng 287 (now tengdong 001)" wind turbine installation platform, and is mainly used for the installation of offshore wind turbine tower cylinders, blades and main engines. 


GENMA 600t full rotary Marine crane has the characteristics of stable performance, light weight, strong lifting capacity, flexible operation, and can still achieve rotary operation at full load.  The product structure is compact, and the ratio of maximum lift to dead weight is about 1:1, which improves the effective loading load of the ship to a certain extent. 

RHM has been committed to providing customized lifting solutions for customers since it entered the field of Marine crane manufacturing in 2009.  Through the accumulation of more than 10 years of industry experience, the company has mastered the key technology of independent design and manufacturing of various Marine engineering lifting equipment, which can fully meet the differentiated needs of customers.  In the second half of this year, RHM will deliver 3500 ton, 2500 ton, 600 ton and other large GENMA Marine cranes to provide technical support and guarantee for domestic and foreign Marine engineering lifting operations.  

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