In May, the project team of the wind power platform "Huadian Steadfast" completed the installation of 12 Ming Yang 6.45 MW wind turbines, setting a new record for the installation of large offshore wind turbines in China in a single month.

Such high installation efficiency is not only due to the professional construction management and excellent competence of the project team, but also to the "Huadian Steadfast", a professional "offshore artifact" for offshore wind power installation.

The wind power installation platform "Huadian Steadfast" was built by the renowned high-end equipment provider, RHI, and has been put into use since 2019, and has completed the installation work of a number of offshore wind power projects.

The wind power installation platformslaunched by RHI are highly efficient, mainly because of the stability and reliability of the equipment, as well as the application of "GENMA" technology in terms of self-lifting system and offshore wind power construction crane.

1. Stable and reliable offshore wind power installation platform
Stable and reliable wind power installation equipment is the basic guarantee for offshore operations. If the equipment breaks down from time to time, it would become a big headache to repair itself, not to mention being used for wind power installation operations.
"From the hull to the self-lifting system, to the main and auxiliary cranes, the whole set of wind power installation platforms are developed and built by RHI independently, with good compatibility and low failure rate, ensuring the stability and reliability of the platform fundamentally.

It is worth mentioning that during the warranty period, experienced service engineers would be arranged to accompany on board so as to provide babysitting services for customers on demand.

2. Scientific and efficient hydraulic self-lifting system
As a key facility for offshore wind power platforms, the self-lifting system has a significant impact on the efficiency of offshore operations.
The wind power installation platform "Huadian Steadfast" adopts the "GENMA" brand hydraulic self-lifting system, of which the lifting capacity is 2,500 tonnes (with a maximum support capacity of 3,500 tonnes). In contrast with the traditional stepper type self-lifting system, its lifting speed has doubled to 24m/h (The speed of the ordinary ones is around 12m/h). In particular, the leg lifting speed reaches 36m/h, which is much more efficient.
In addition, the self-lifting system pile shoe is designed with a continuous water flushing system, which can flush the mud and sand adsorbed on the surface of the pile leg and pile shoe, shorten the pile pulling time and increase the lifting speed.

3. intelligent and precise offshore cranes for wind power project
Offshore wind power engineering cranes are the most basic equipment in wind turbine installation operations and a fundamental guarantee of operational efficiency.
The main crane and auxiliary crane of the wind power installation work platform "Huadian Steadfast" are "GENMA" brand. As the industry leader, " GENMA" offshore wind power engineering crane possesses the characteristic of large lifting capacity, high lifting speed and height, a wide range of operations, unlimited full rotation, as well as intelligent operation and high precision positioning and other advantages.

The "GENMA" offshore wind turbine crane has the unique patented technology of variable rate main hook lower block in China, lifting speed within half load is twice as fast as traditional cranes. The whole machine adopts an independently developed intelligent operating system and a precise and reliable electro-hydraulic proportional control system, which results in a small power loss of the system and reduces the difficulty of crane operation, making the crane boom smoother and more accurate in movement.
In addition, the "GENMA" offshore wind turbine crane has an excellent lifting capacity-load weight ratio, with CAE optimized design, the weight of the whole machine is about 80% of the weight of traditional cranes, making the operation more protable.

Since its successful development, "GENMA" offshore wind power installation crane has been awarded the "Nantong City Science and Technology Progress Second Prize", "Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Award Second Prize", "Nantong City, the first (set) major equipment products", "Jiangsu Province, the first (set) major equipment and key components", "Jiangsu Province, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of major projects" and other honors.

As the provider of Asia's first offshore wind power platform ("Huadian 1001" - 2012), RHI has provided "GENMA" self-lifting system for five wind power installation platforms in recent years (There are only 20 offshore wind power installation platforms in China until now), and has provided dozens of offshore wind power engineering cranes for many wind power installation platforms and installation vessels, greatly promoting the development of China's offshore wind power industry.

With the national "carbon peak, carbon neutral" ambitious goals, as well as a series of wind power support policies, offshore wind power development and construction will usher in a golden age, and RHI will continue to create value for customers with exquisite professional technology and good after-sales service, and continue to facilitate  China's offshore wind power clean energy construction.
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