It is a port along the Straits of Malacca, Sumatra, Indonesia.Port service facilities include: ship-repair, fueling, dry dock, skiff, medical treatment, pulling, freshwater supply, provisions, repatriation, no sewage facilities. The general cargo berth of the port can accept ships with a length of 148 meters, a load of 5,000 tons and a draft of 6 meters.

GENMA Solution

In June 2018, GENMA designed the following scheme based on the operation requirements of customers. and added the environmentally friendly features. The main parameters of the machine are as follows:
• Operating materials: coal
• Loading efficiency: 2*800T/H
• Installed capacity: 620KW
• Weight: 1100T
• Applicable ship type: 7000-12000DWT
1、The endless rope winch system is used to move the ship and the mechanism layout is more concise so that the cost can reduced by 40%, and maintenance is more convenient;
2、The reclaiming process of the whole machine adopts the automatic reclaiming process, which improves the efficiency of unloading and at the same time avoids the instability of the ship caused by the unevenness of the materials in the ship;

Achieved Results

In addition to high efficiency and stable operation, GENMA technical team has taken more consideration of customers' environmental needs in the design.
1、Single machine adopts double chain to take materials, and can take materials by both machines at the same time, which has the characteristics of flexible, efficient and stable unloading;
2、GENMA ship unloader has low sensitivity to surface wind and waves. When the barge bumps up and down due to wind and waves, the reclaiming part of the unloader will not be damaged due to collision with the cabin, which improves the environmental adaptability of the equipment.
3、The ship shifting mechanism adopts endless rope winch technology and adjusts the speed of ship shifting through frequency conversion. Without changing the speed of the chain bucket mechanism, the stable unloading efficiency can be realized and the requirements of low speed ship entry and high speed ship exit can be met.

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