Offshore wind power rush to installation tide, GENMA products appear on CCTV

Recently, during the rush to install offshore wind power, in the sea area 75 kilometers east of Yancheng, Jiangsu, the "Huadian No. 1001" built by RHI is intensively installing wind turbines.

CCTV report: According to industry insiders, there are only a handful of such large-scale wind power installation vessels in China. Since last year, such large-scale construction platforms for offshore hoisting operations have become even more difficult to find. As a key part of the offshore wind power operation platform, the self-lifting system has an important influence on the stability of offshore construction operations.

The "Huadian 1001" that appeared on CCTV this time is the offshore self-lifting platform launched by RHI in 2012, and it is also the first professional platform for offshore wind power equipment installation in Asia. The platform is 120 meters long and 39 meters wide with GENMA brand marine cranes and self-lifting systems. It has been in service for nearly ten years and has completed the construction of many large-scale wind farms in offshore areas of China.

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