11th May, Shanghai

Project Background
In August 2015, GENMA delivered 3 units mobile environmental hoppers to APM terminal which is owned by Maersk Group and located in Callao, Peru. The port of Callao is Peru’s main commercial seaport, just 12 kilometers from downtown Lima, the country's capital. With its modern and advanced equipments, its foreign trade accounts for 75% of the country's imports and 25% of exports. It exports mainly refined metals, minerals, fish meal and fish oil, and imports wheat, lumber and machinery. It is home to a wide range of industries including breweries, fish meal factories and shipbuilding yards.

Recently, GENMA project management team went to the APM terminal, and completed the maintenance job for these 3 hoppers.

Problem Resolution
These 3 mobile environmental hoppers have been operated for nearly 2 years, mainly used for grain and fertilizer unloading, which are still in good condition without big problems. For this maintenance trip to Peru, mainly 2 problems need to be solved:
1: Paint coating of the accessories, especially for the diesel engine room, speed reducer, scraper and other parts, which caused by the corrosion from frequent-use.
2: Other tiny problems.

During the maintenance period, the schedule had to be adjusted several times due to the tight business schedule of the port. However, the work was completed successfully and appreciated by our customers.

Extension and Rethinking
Each time the opportunity to communicate with our customers, is also a rare chance for learning and experience accumulation. The customer gave us the suggestions on detailed humanized design which should consider the actual operating and maintenance process. In the same way, we reminded them of some details of proper operation and daily maintenance, which are crucial to the application and machine life.

Postscript – Lima, the Rain-free City
The destination city, Lima, is the capital and the largest city of Peru, located in the central coastal part of the country, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Most significant churches and mansions in the city were built in the colonial period. Nowadays, the city presents an authentic personality. Lima is famous known as the rain-free city. As for the food, there were many Chinese restaurants to choose from, the taste was as good as expected.
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