Jiangsu Lande ocean engineering co. LTD. was founded in 2006, which mainly focus on offshore engineering ship manufacturing and related business.
Genma delivered I unit jack up system used at offshore wind power platform to Jiangsu Lande System Engineering Co., Ltd.
The main parameters of this machine as follow:
Elevation form: hydraulic pin
Qty of legs: 4 sets
Leg length(Inc. pile shoe ): 72m
Pile shoe acreage: 8.7m x 8.7m(Customized optional)
Lifting speed of the platform: 12m/h
Max. lifting capacity: 2500 t/leg
Rated lifting capacity: 1700t/leg
A main tower crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 600t and a maximum hoisting height of 110m (above deck)/20m (below the deck) is installed on the port side of the platform and a maximum lifting capacity of 100t is provided by the assistant crane which is installed on the starboard side of the stern.

This platform is mainly used for the construction of offshore wind farms. The project mainly includes the lifting of bases, towers, nacelles and blade etc.
The design and manufacture of the jack up system, is not only related to lifting efficiency, but also relates to the safe and stable operation of the vessel. It requires both the independent performance and efficiency of the crane. At the same time, we must also consider the safety and stability after installed at the vessel. The manufacturing of this kind of machine require profound technology, manufacturing strength and strong technical experts team. Genma's extensive experience in the field of offshore cranes and experts team have made this product gradually gaining unanimous recognition from our customers.

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