19th Jun. Shanghai

GENMA Launched GSU Series
After 2 important milestones of mobile harbour crane and pneumatic ship unloader released at 2014 and 2016, GENMA launched the new product, GSU series scraper unloader recently. With no doubt, it is another historic moment for GENMA.

GSU series scraper unloader is mainly used in grain and fertilizer terminal and applicable to the material in the shape of pellet and powder. GSU series can be applied to the vessel below 100,000 DWT while the capacity range is 300-1500 t/h. The first equipment successfully developed is GSU1000 with capacity of 1000t/h.

Dem Analysis & Laboratory Mechanism Optimized the Unloading Simulation
During the R&D process, we invested with laboratory equipment to collect sufficient performance and parameter data. More than that, GENMA R&D team used the dem analysis to simulate the unloading condition and optimise the performance subsequently and continuously until the capacity optimally matched with the installed capacity.

Efficient, Eco-friendly and Intelligent Equipment
Scraper unloader is a kind of efficient mechanical continuous ship unloader(CSU), which is well known for its high efficiency and low energy cost. The practical capacity is nearly equal  to 70%  of the rated capacity, while the remaining amount of clearance is much lower than grab ship unloader. At the same time, the energy cost is around 0.4 kWh/t. Besides this, the closed-loop conveying condition will insure the dust-free operation thus the environment is well protected.

Besides above efficient and eco-friendly characters, the R&D team also considered the intelligent demand of the market. GSU is easy to operate and rarely rely on the operator's skill and experience, truly fool-style operation.

Extended GENMA Product Line to Fulfil the Market Demand
With GSU, GENMA could provide versatile CSU solutions to different clients in light bulk conveying area, pneumatically or mechanically with wide capacity range choices.

GENMA, Genius Machine
GENMA, the brand belongs to Rainbow Heavy Industries, named from "Genius" and "Machine", commits itself to providing intelligent and leading equipment in material handling area. Before or even being the true pioneer, GENMA will be always on the way and never stop.
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