Unloading Nearly One Ton Per Second, This Dual-brand Ship Unloader Is Efficient And Environmentally Friendly

Electricity and steel are two indispensable elements in industrial development. As the pace of international trade in bulk commodities such as coal accelerates, the load of bulk carriers used for transportation has also continued to increase, and the increase in single transportation volume has also increased the requirements for ship unloading capabilities.

The "Siwertell GENMA" dual-brand screw ship unloader jointly launched by Sweden's Bruks Siwertell and China Runbang Heavy Machinery to the domestic market has a maximum ship unloading efficiency of 3,000 tons per hour, which can unload one ton of coal in almost one second. This kind of ship unloading efficiency is amazing. Moreover, the entire operation process is a closed transportation, which ensures high efficiency operation while ensuring that the environment is not polluted. Who says that fish and bear's paws cannot have both?

Excellent ship unloading performance

Relevant information shows that the current domestic screw ship unloader technology guarantees that the ship unloading efficiency is still within 1,500 tons/hour, and the maturity of large tonnage is not high. Some screw ship unloaders need to be fed for less than one year. The feeder and screw device are repaired, which will bring certain adverse effects to the production operation.

The screw technology used in the Siwertell GENMA screw ship unloader comes from a unique counter-rotating feeder invented in 1972. This kind of feeder can effectively penetrate into the surface of bulk materials and continuously unload materials layer by layer. After nearly 50 years of precipitation, this technology is highly mature and is very suitable for the unloading of various dry bulk cargoes, especially coal, cement and grain.

The Siwertell GENMA screw ship unloader has a unique feeder and screw device, as well as intermediate bearing and material transfer technology. These technologies ensure the filling rate of the material, the efficiency of continuous conveying, and the problem of material blocking. The ship unloader can operate continuously for 8,000 hours without failure, and the equipment is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

In fact, the truly outstanding performance of the Siwertell GENMA screw ship unloader lies in its high overall efficiency in completing the unloading operation of the entire ship. Regardless of the height of the cargo in the cabin, the Siwertell GENMA screw ship unloader can always maintain the rated loading and unloading capacity during the main unloading stage. Due to the mobility of the inlet feeder, in the final cabin cleaning operation, there is less bulk material left to be cleaned.

The Siwertell GENMA screw ship unloader can operate continuously for a long time, and the unloading efficiency is high, which greatly shortens the unloading time. Coupled with its light weight and low maintenance requirements, it will help customers reduce the cost of staying at the berth and labor costs.

Environmental friendly

As the national environmental protection control becomes more and more stringent, the environmental protection function of ship unloaders has gradually transitioned from luxury goods to necessities. The environmental protection features of the Siwertell GENMA screw ship unloader, such as "no leakage, reduced dust generation and reduced noise", will occupy an advantage in the future market competition.

The Siwertell GENMA screw ship unloader adopts fully enclosed ship unloading and conveying technology, which truly meets the environmental protection requirements that materials will not pollute the environment or be polluted by the environment. The equipment is a fully enclosed system from the cabin reclaiming point (located below the surface of the cargo) to the unloading point on the wharf conveyor belt to ensure no cargo leakage. The layer-by-layer unloading technology can prevent bulk materials from collapsing in the cabin. , Siwertell GENMA screw ship unloader is almost dust-free unloading operation, which ensures the cleanliness of the work site environment.

It is worth mentioning that Siwertell GENMA screw ship unloader has very low noise during operation. Therefore, it can be installed and used almost anywhere, including downtown areas, and is an ideal solution for densely populated areas.

(The picture shows a screw ship unloader in operation in central Frankfurt, Germany).

The Siwertell GENMA screw ship unloader is not only literally efficient and environmentally friendly, but it actually creates value for customers and saves costs.

For example, the Ha Tinh Steel Plant in Vietnam is the first in the industry to be equipped with two 2,400 t/h screw coal unloaders, which are used to unload ships with a tonnage of up to 205,000 dwt. In the actual operation of the equipment, it was found that shortening the unloading time alone would save the owner US$2.4 million in annual costs. No leakage during unloading also saves the cost of cleaning up ships and docks. In the service life (such as 20 years), the product is expected to save up to 160 million US dollars in cost for the owner.

As Siwertell's only partner in China, Runbang Heavy Machinery has rich experience in lean management, quality control, and technical commissioning. Since the cooperation between Runbang Heavy Machinery and Siwertell, more than 60 sets of high-quality screw ship unloader equipment have been sent to all parts of the world from Runbang Heavy Machinery.

In the domestic market, the Siwertell GENMA dual-brand screw ship unloader jointly launched by the two parties will provide customers with more cost-effective products through more localized procurement while retaining the core technology and core component supply in Sweden.

Runbang Heavy Machinery is committed to providing customers with comprehensive bulk material handling and conveying solutions. In addition to screw ship unloaders, Runbang Heavy Machinery also provides customers with traditional grab ship unloaders and buried scraper ship unloaders. , Pneumatic ship unloaders, (suspension) chain bucket ship unloaders and other new continuous environmentally friendly equipment. At the same time, it also provides a complete set of efficient conveying systems for the power, smelting and other industries. It can be said that from coal, cement to grain, chemical fertilizer, any kind of bulk material loading, unloading and transportation, Runbang Heavy Machinery can tailor the most suitable solution for customers according to the needs of customers in different working conditions.

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