The Unloading Is Fast And Environmentally Friendly. Please Give Me A Dozen Of This Kind Of Unloading Artifact.

At the coal terminal of Pangkalan Susu Port, Indonesia, the GENMA catenary bucket ship unloader has been working stably for 900 days. It is like a tireless porter, unloading the coal necessary for power generation for Indonesia's largest power company, the State Power Corporation, and guaranteeing 80% of the country's electricity supply.

The GENMA catenary bucket ship unloader can efficiently unload bulk materials such as coal, ore, sand, stone, building materials, grain, etc., and it can be called the "handling artifact" of the port machinery industry. Today, let us take a look at the outstanding features of the GENMA catenary bucket ship unloader under Runbang Heavy Machinery.

1. High efficiency

GENMA catenary bucket ship unloader is a continuous ship unloading equipment for inland rivers or offshore barges. It uses a closed loop chain as a traction member, and a hopper as a load-bearing and reclaiming member to reclaim the material in the material layer. When unloading, the continuous chain hopper reclaims greatly improves the work efficiency. The highest unloading efficiency of the GENMA catenary bucket ship unloader can reach 1,600 tons/hour, and it can unload nearly half a ton of coal in almost one second. This unloading efficiency is amazing.

2. Low clearance volume

The catenary of the GENMA catenary bucket ship unloader can close to the cabin for digging and reclaiming, maximizing the extraction of materials under the hatch of the ship, especially on both sides, reducing residual materials, and the clearance volume is only 3% at most. If the ship type is suitable and the operation technology is proper, there is no need to clear additional warehouses, which greatly saves labor costs.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection

Since the working environment of the ship unloader has great variables, the stable performance of the equipment is particularly important. The GENMA catenary bucket ship unloader adopts an advanced frequency conversion speed control system. The whole machine control system can adjust the moving speed of the ship in real time according to the actual ship unloading efficiency, ensuring that the efficiency of the ship unloader is in a stable state.

In addition, the GENMA catenary bucket ship unloader is designed with a semi-closed unloading structure to reduce material spills and dust. All material transfer points are equipped with dust removal devices to suppress dust. During the operation of the whole machine , The dust phenomenon has been greatly alleviated.

GENMA catenary bucket ship unloader not only has a good market reputation in my country, but also has won the favor of foreign customers with its tangible quality. After the delivery of GENMA products, Mr. Widya Arii, the site leader of WIKA at Pangkalan Susu Port of Indonesia, praised GENMA’s products and services: “The first deep impression that GENMA gave me was the speed of their construction. They are always able to complete earlier than planned. Another is that their product quality is environmentally friendly and stable. They work diligently and can perfectly meet our various requirements."

GENMA is committed to speaking with product quality, providing customers with comprehensive bulk cargo handling and conveying solutions. GENMA has always adhered to the principle of quality control, insisting on providing customers with high-quality services and customizing suitable solutions with efficient, stable and environmentally friendly product output.

A terminal with GENMA is equivalent to having an efficient and stable integrated material handling solution. Who would not love such a product? !

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