Solving Dust Pollution And Helping Guigang Environmental Protection-runbang Heavy Machinery Successfully Delivered A Genma Grain Ship Unloader

A few days ago, the GENMA grain pneumatic ship unloader (abbreviated as: grain suction machine) developed and customized by Runbang Heavy Machinery for Guangxi Guigang Hailou Storage Service Co., Ltd. was successfully delivered.

The GENMA grain suction machine delivered this time adopts dust removal technology with independent intellectual property rights, and uses a new type of dust suppression hopper to enable the equipment to automatically adapt to the incoming material flow during operation, effectively form a material column, and perfectly solve the pain points of dust spillage . During the operation of the equipment, strictly abide by the national environmental protection management and control standards, and help build a new green port with a healthy environment, low energy consumption and low pollution.
The product's extended boom design allows the machine to operate across the ship, reducing waiting time and improving unloading efficiency. In addition to efficient operation, this grain suction machine also has outstanding performance in terms of energy conservation and loss. The high-efficiency multi-stage turbofan used in this product has a low material damage rate, which can effectively save energy and reduce consumption. At the same time, it can automatically adjust the flow rate, protect the pipeline, and greatly improve the service life of the equipment.
GENMA grain pneumatic ship unloader is a special ship unloading equipment developed by Runbang Heavy Machinery for various grain terminals, taking into account the significant advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, and high efficiency. At present, GENMA has provided special grain ship unloaders for many ports and terminals around the world such as Venezuela's Cabello Port and Maracaibo Port.

GENMA has always been committed to providing customers with efficient and stable integrated material handling solutions with an all-out attitude and the belief in perfect performance, constantly creating value for customers, and always sticking to GENMA's commitment to customers.

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