Paradip is one of India's major ports, located 210 nautical miles south of Kolkata and the only port in the state of Odisha, 260 nautical miles south of Visakhapatnam, on the east coast, on the shores of the Bay of Bengal.
Paradip Port is now equipped with 15 berths, 3 single-point mooring points, 1 Ro-Ro terminal, a well-maintained approach channel and entry channel with a minimum depth of 17.1 meters, and can handle vessels up to 2.6 million tons.

There are 5 tugboats equipped with SRP in the port, 3 of them have a bollard pull of 45 tons and the remaining 2 can reach a bollard pull of 50 tons. The port is also equipped with a Vessel Traffic Management System to monitor the movement of port-controlled ships.

Genma Solution

In January 2018, Genma delivered 3 GHC100s to Baladibu Port. These 3 machines are of tire type, with a maximum lifting weight of 100 tons (with a maximum lifting weight of 100 tons, the working radius is 20 meters), the maximum working radius is 48 meters, and the maximum working radius is 3101-4600TEU Panamax container ships , 80,000DWT Panamax bulk carrier.

Baladibu Port is a comprehensive terminal mainly for ore cargo, accompanied by coal, iron ore, petroleum, ro-ro cargo, containers and other cargoes. The GHC series can be widely used in a variety of cargoes including containers, bulk cargo, and general cargo. At the same time, the high mobility of the tire-type base and chassis enables the equipment to flexibly shuttle between different berths in the terminal. Genma GHC series overhead cranes (mobile port cranes) have been recognized and praised by customers for their efficient and flexible features.
At the same time, Genma has enabled a localized service team. We have assembled a local team with extensive experience in the field of overhead cranes (mobile harbour cranes). To achieve barrier-free communication and exchange for customers.

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