Perfect Fulfillment丨 Runbang Heavy Machinery Successfully Delivered Two GENMA Portal Cranes

Recently, two GENMA four-link (combined boom cylindrical gantry) portal cranes developed and manufactured by Runbang Heavy Machinery for a shipyard have been successfully delivered.

In order to resolve the conflicts between traditional lifting equipment in terms of operational stability and efficiency, GENMA has made breakthroughs and innovations. By optimizing the ratio of the four-link length, it not only ensures that the crane maintains a stable horizontal displacement of the spreader during the luffing process. , And can maintain high efficiency. This product is widely used in field operations such as ports, docks, shipyards, factories, etc.

The four-bar gantry crane delivered this time is used for the lifting and installation of the outfitting parts of the ships docked at the wharf, as well as the lifting of other items required by the wharf work. In order to ensure the safety of construction operations in coastal areas, the product has undergone structural upgrades in the form of connecting rods. Compared with ordinary portal machines, the whole machine is lighter in weight and more reasonable in force. It can withstand strong typhoons of level 16 in coastal areas and strengthen dock operations. Security guarantee.

Guided by market demand, with the protection of customers' safety and interests as the core. The GENMA brand has always insisted on breakthroughs and innovations in the technical field, focusing on providing the market with high-quality lifting equipment and port machinery and other equipment. In the future, we will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, develop manufacturing equipment, and create new value for customers.

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