Mobile Hopper
Applicable materials: coal, ore, wheat, soybean, corn, rice, fertilizer, sulfur, etc.
Applicable models: portal cranes, marine Crane cranes and other models that use grabbing buckets for ship unloading.
Work efficiency:200~2,000t/h。
Product advantages: optional shore power or diesel generator set, self-propelled or towed type, strong adaptability to the terminal, can meet a variety of materials, can choose suitable dust removal methods according to the materials to meet environmental protection requirements. Can be unloaded to trucks, ground belt conveyors, etc.

Hopper volume


Applicable materials

  • Wheat, soybeans, corn, rice, etc.
  • Cement, chemical fertilizer, aluminum powder, soda ash, etc.
  • Coal, yellow sand, ore, aggregate, etc.
  • Containers, LNG tanks, etc.(MHC)
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