GENMA Uses The "perfect Performance" Service Concept To Create Value For Customers

In the first half of 2021, with its industry-leading one-stop material handling solution integration capability, Runbang Heavy Machinery successfully completed the high-quality delivery of its GENMA brand shiploader project, providing customers with high-quality equipment and good services.

After the completion of the project, the client fully affirmed and praised the professionalism demonstrated by the GENMA project team.

The successful delivery of the product is inseparable from the joint efforts of the project team members. Runbang Heavy Machinery always adheres to "customer-centric", implements the concept of "perfect performance" into every detail, takes every user seriously, and earnestly completes every project.

Take this ship loader as an example. This product is mainly used for the ship loading of sand and gravel aggregates at the customer’s old wharf. The GENMA team made a comprehensive consideration based on the comprehensive conditions of the terminal conditions, operating environment, and operating objects. On the basis of ensuring the practicability of the equipment, the GENMA team customized a set of personalized material handling solutions for customers to meet the actual needs of customers.

  • Satisfy the demanding demands of the old wharf under pressure

In order to meet the harsh requirements of the old wharf for equipment weight, GENMA product designers conducted actual surveys on the site, made full use of the wharf space and load-bearing surface, and flexibly designed a series of "weight reduction" schemes.

Through theoretical calculation and software-assisted analysis, the structure and details of the product were repeatedly optimized, and it passed the review of the Wharf Design Institute perfectly. While meeting the safety requirements of the wharf, it achieved the goal of "lightweight" of the whole machine and saved the cost for the reconstruction of the wharf. .

  • Meet the wind resistance requirements of large-scale port machinery

The windproof work of large mechanical equipment plays a very important role in the safe production of the terminal. GENMA product designers started with the product structure and wind-proof device, and formulated a scientific wind-proof design plan.

Reduce the windward area and wind load factor of the whole machine.The internal and external booms of the equipment mainly adopt a seamless tube frame design, which can reduce the windward area of the equipment while ensuring that the whole machine has sufficient rigidity and stability.

The whole machine is equipped with a windproof anchoring device.When the ship loader stops working, the rotation function of the whole machine can be firmly locked by the windproof anchoring device to prevent the equipment from slipping and overturning under the influence of wind, and strengthen the windproof level of the equipment.

  • Meet the practical needs of product functions

The fluctuation of the water level of the river directly affects the operating efficiency of ship unloading equipment. In view of the large water level drop in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, the equipment adopts a special telescopic chute design with a telescopic length of 20 meters, which has reached the domestic leading level and can meet the needs of shipping under different water levels of the Yangtze River.

At the same time, GENMA product designers also fully considered the impact of materials on the hull under the condition of low water level and high drop. The head of the equipment chute is equipped with a material buffer function, which can effectively reduce the material falling from a height to the hull. The impact plays a very important role in protecting the hull.

  • Meet the environmental protection operation needs of the customer's terminal

With the continuous improvement of ecological environment requirements, the demand for green development of inland river terminals is increasing.

The equipment is designed with dust suppression spray devices in many places, by suppressing the dust from the source, improving the impact of dust on the environment, protecting the clean and pollution-free working environment of the terminal, and realizing the green and high-quality development of the terminal.

Customized solutions represent an enterprise's ability to solve problems and an attitude to face up to customer needs. Through the above product design, GENMA has better met the actual needs of customers in terminal operations, and achieved GENMA's goal of continuously creating value for customers with the concept of "perfect performance".

In recent years, Runbang Heavy Machinery has won a good reputation from customers with its undoubted performance strength and good service consciousness, and has accumulated a large number of high-quality achievements. In the future, Runbang Heavy Machinery will continue to deepen the service concept of "perfect performance", improve brand customization capabilities, speak with actions and praise, and continue to create value for customers.

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