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2016 GENMA Seminar & Pneumatic Ship Unloader Promotion Event
26thSep. Shanghai
21-22 Sep 2016, GENMA Seminar & Pneumatic Ship Unloader Promotion Event was held successfully in Nantong.

Event Background
Global port industry has come to a low period, such environment could both be a downturn and a reshuffle for enterprises in the industry. How to cope with the challenge? GENMA, the crane brand of Rainbow Heavy Machineries, invited the VIP customers and experts in China and Southeast Asia to discuss the challenge and market. Meanwhile, take the opportunity to demonstrate the late-model pro-environment pneumatic ship unloader.

25 customers from China and southeast Asia and 5 honored guests from university and government attended the event.

The event mainly consisted of 2 parts, seminar on 22nd morning and products demonstration in the afternoon. During the seminar, Professor RenHaojun, head of GENMA Bulk Institute and Mr. Cui Yihua, technical manager of Rainbow Heavy Machineries, gave the presentations about GENMA HSUS series pneumatic ship unloader and GHC series mobile harbor crane.

Customers showed great interests on the content. In the Q&A section ,the customers and keynote speakers discussed further regarding the topics.

Live Experience of Low noise & Dust-free Unloading
Pneumatic ship unloader demonstration was held at Nantong Ruitai port. 4 HSUS400D pneumatic ship unloaders parked on the port, which were ready to ship to Venezuela.
The 4 machines were steerable rubber tires type, with capacity of 400T/H,equipped with multi-stage turbo blower. Compared to the traditional pneumatic ship unloader with roots blower , they can save nearly 30% energy. Different kinds of grain, powder and special material can be unloaded with the machines. One of the 4 machines unloaded the barley in the demonstration process.
All attenders were able to watch the whole process on the scaffold and closely experience the dust-free, low noise and efficient unloading.

Besides, demonstration of mobile harbor crane was held in Rainbow factory. The GHC63 mobile harbor crane showed the container loading and unloading, simulated ship unloading, no-load high speed operation and machine travelling, with cabin and remote control successively.

Our Specialty, Your Strength- as we always do
GENMA is committed to be the world’s leading brand of lifting equipment. We would like to create more opportunities like the event for in-depth communication with the customers in the future.

“Our specialty- your strength”, we will keep on helping customers to solve problems and improve profit, as we always do.
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