After Wind And Rain, GENMA Gantry Crane Was Praised By Customers. What Did This Domestic Brand Do Right?

In August 2020, a GENMA 1000-ton gantry crane product built by Runbang Heavy Machinery for Tianjin Bomec Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. was successfully delivered. After the product was delivered, he successively participated in the construction of multiple modules in the second phase of the Yamal project in Russia, which provided important assistance to Russia's first mega-energy cooperation project.

"As of September this year, the equipment has been successfully operated for one year. During its use, the overall performance of this crane is very stable." After more than one year of high-load use, Du Huan Chen gave this evaluation to the GENMA 1000-ton gantry crane.

GENMA large tonnage gantry cranes have always been one of the core competitiveness products under the GENMA brand.

For example, in the core drive, GENMA innovated the design of the electrical control system, optimized the full frequency conversion speed regulation + PLC control system, improved the automatic positioning level of the equipment, and greatly improved the accuracy of the hull splicing.

In heavy industries such as shipyards, safety is the top priority. GENMA gantry cranes have designed automatic protection devices in all lifting, slewing and luffing mechanisms of the equipment. Once power or pressure is lost for some reason, all actions of the equipment will immediately stop running automatically, which greatly protects personnel and equipment. Safety.

In addition, GENMA large gantry cranes also use an energy feedback system with excellent performance to convert potential energy into electrical energy. With the light weight of the whole machine, the GENMA product can save energy by more than 30% under the same power and lifting weight standards. At the moment when power resources are precious, it creates value for customers.

In addition to the excellent product quality of the GENMA door landline, the supporting after-sales service has also won praise from customers.

"The after-sales maintenance service of Runbang Heavy Machinery is also in place. We have never delayed our company's production due to equipment maintenance." Du Huanchen praised, "GENMA's full-time sales service personnel are on duty in our factory 24 hours a day and provide us with The staff has conducted a very comprehensive training and guidance, GENMA sales service is absolutely second to none."

See the real chapter for the nuances. In fact, the GENMA series products have taken the maintenance of the equipment into consideration from the beginning of the design. The crane has a built-in remote fault diagnosis system, which can discover the range of possible machine faults in time, alarm and repair in time, so as to avoid affecting the production schedule on site.

Stable machine performance allows GENMA to continue to create value for users; thoughtful after-sales service, so that users have no worries; high-quality, lower failure rate allows GENMA to endure the testimony of wind and rain, and won the praise of customers!

Since the establishment of Runbang Heavy Machinery in 2007, the company has been committed to building a world-class national industrial brand, and has been exploring and deepening in the process of establishing a foothold in China and looking at the world. Nowadays, on the vast land of China, GENMA, the independent brand of Runbang Heavy Machinery, has spread all over the country, becoming a domestic brand with a high market share in China and "high quality and excellent service" among customers.

With both reputation and strength, you deserve to own such a domestic GENMA gantry crane!

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