ME Series Double Girder Gantry Crane
Genma ME overall structure is innovative, with great techniques. Onsite structural installation uses high strength bolt assembly. System adopts full frequency conversion drive and PLC central control. They can fulfill each individual mechanism’s independent action, linked action, turn-over and hoisting. They are also equipped with failure and operation monitoring system, assuring the equipment’s save operation.
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Genma ME series double girder gantry crane with lifting capacity of 100-320t and span range of 20-63m.

GENMA ME Double Girder Gantry Crane, adopts the layout of double-trolley parallel translation on the same rail, with lifting, translation and other functions

Genma ME double girder gantry crane, can be operated in cabin or via remote control. The operator cabin has broad view and the electrical control within it is convenient and easy to operate. Besides that, the computer management system and related display screen is equipped also. For comfortable working, the air conditioner is equipped inside and the lounge room is designed which is available for one people to have a rest.

The electric room is controlled with constant temperature of 20°C . Aisle and staircase inside the crane is equipped for easy maintenance.

Wind-resistance rail clamping device, rail anchor device, anchor cable, anemoscope, correction device, weight indicator, stop block and related display device are installed. And the other safety guard design is considered.
Rated load: 100-320t
Span: 20-63m
With rich experience on design and manufacture of this series, the products have received high praise from the customers for the reliable and smooth performance.
Client: Yangzhou Kaisheng Energy
Model No.: ME50+32-35

Client: Nantong Gangzha Shipping Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Model No.: ME100+50-41.72

Client: Vale S.A.
Model No.: MD25/5-84.8 Double Girder Gantry Crane

Client: Fujian MaWei shipbuilding co. LTD.
Model No.: MEC2*250+350/32-163-76
A4 Double Girder Gantry Crane
A4 Double Girder Gantry Crane
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