Grab Ship Unloader
The GGU series grab ship unloader is often applied in bulk material discharging, which using the steel wire rope to control the grab to capture material and unload to the conveyor or trucks. With the high efficiency and wide usability, it is widespread used in bulk handling.
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Genma GGU series grab ship unloader is often applied in bulk material discharging, which using the steel wire rope controlling the grab to capture material and unload to the conveyor or trucks.

Wire rope drive type: grab closing/lifting、lowing and trolley traveling drive in the machine Room. The trolley is towed by the wire rope. The trolley is light weight and high speed.

Crab trolley type: grab closing/lifting、lowing and trolley traveling drive on the trolley. Optimized cabin design with broad vision and easy to control the grab. Shorter steel wire rope and less wear.

  • ANSYS Calculation and 3D Model Design
    All structures of Genma grab ship unloader are checked by ANSYS
    to ensure the strength, rigidity and stability.All parts are
    virtually assembled through 3D modeling before manufacture.
  • Edem: Bulksim Simulation
  • Four-reel Mechanical Differential Lifting/opening and Closing Mechanism and Traction Trolley
    1—Grab trolley
    2—Lifting drum
    3—Closing drum
    5—Planetary differential reducer
  • Low weight of the machine
    We combine formerly separate lifting, opening and closing mechanisms and trolley traction into one simple structure with a wire winding system that is wear-resistant, which requires less wire rope and reduce the total weight.
  • New and efficient, green and environmental protection
    Adding electrical energy feedback function interface, so potential gravitational energy is converted to electrical energy, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption;Besides that, we also consider to optimize the speed of each mechanism.
  • Structure  optimization
    The crane optimization design was carried out in following two ways:
    1. the center of gravity height of the crane and the windward surface height.
    2. by means of speed optimization of each mechanism and electric control, to optimize the performance.
  • stability
    Well communication between mechanical, electrical and components, if considering the crane as a human, the steel structure is the skeleton, program is the core of wisdom, and the components should be organ, these three elements are indispensable.
  • High intelligence
    Remote monitoring system
    Fault diagnosis system
    Energy feedback system…

The capacity range of the standard model is 400-3000 TPH. The GGU series is suitable to the vessels from 3000DWT to 200000DWT and applicable to different water levels and the material dump height.

Typical Model List

Parameters 400 t/h 1750 t/h 3000 t/h

Max. Hoisting speed

65 m/min 130 m/min 190 m/min

Max. opening/closing speed

130 m/min 180 m/min 190 m/min

Total lift height

20 m 34.5 m 42.6 m
Above rail 13 m 22 m 21.3 m
Below rail 7 m 12.5 m 21.3 m

MAX. Trolley traversing speed

80 m/min 220 m/min 240 m/min

Outreach from seaside rail

19 m 33 m 40 m

Backreach from landside rail

7.5 m 14 m 44 m

Gantry traveling speed

0~20 m/min 0~20 m/min 0~25 m/min
Rail span 10 m 20 m 20 m

Grab type

4-rope grab 4-rope grab 4-rope grab

  • Classic case
    Client: Cigading port
    Qty: 1
    Lifting capacity: 25t
    Total lift: 34m
    More details
•Customized solution: Excellent PLC program development ability that the customers can choose different controlling methods. The clients can choose dry fog dust suppression or negative pressure dry dust removal system based on the conditions.

•Compact and less-maintenance structure: Lifting, closing and the rope trolley integrated together makes the structure more compact, less wear and light weight.

•Less maintenance: the excellent lubrication system leads to less maintenance.

•High efficiency and low noise: the parallel movement locus up-and-down means higher productivity without the rotation function.

•Leading brand of the electrical components: the electrical components are choosing from leading brand and can also be chose based on client's requirements.
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