Electromagnetic Semi-Gantry Crane
Genma electromagnetic semi-gantry crane is a kind of small rail mounted crane. They are mostly used for outdoor or warehouse handling. This product has two forms, which are floor operation and indoor operation.
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Genma electromagnetic semi-gantry crane with electromagnetic beam is a kind of small size crane operating with the rail track. The lifting capacity range is 16-32t, while with the span of 10.5-40.5m.
Rated load: 16-32t
Span: 10.5-40.5m
Genma electromagnetic semi-gantry crane is light-weight with small wheel pressure. Its multiple modes can meet all users’ various applications. It has excellent drive performance, frequency conversion speed control and stable operation. At the same time, it requires less cost investment from clients.

The electromagnetic trolley of the crane adopts lower rotation (suspended beam rotation) or upper rotation (trolley rotation) layout. Suspended beam applies retractable structure, equipped with a rectangular electromagnet, suitable for lifting long steel billet, steel plate and other cargos. The electromagnet adopts SCR rectifier power supply, installed with power-off security, magnetic and sub stall control system.
Client: Qidong Dao Da Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Model No.: MEB (5+) Double girder Electric Hoist Semi-Gantry Crane

Client: Nantong hongjin Metal Processing Co., Ltd.
Model No.: MC20-35-12 A5 electromagnetic gantry crane
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